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' In terms of her artistic skills she is confident and motivated; she has the art making expertise to articulate her ideas and her feelings through her images. Her work is expressive and individual-without being self-indulgent or derivative. I appreciated her willingness to be experimental and take risks with both her ideas and with the fabrication of the work.




She is articulate, very intelligent, learned, as well as passionate about ideas. She is observant and curious. Her profound interest in ideas, means of communication, theories, and how these are manifested and expressed, shows maturity and sensitivity. She is self-motivated and ambitious.'


Andrea H. Lecturer-Adjunct Faculty Art Education, San Francisco State University 






' I have known Serena over a three year period, as an artist, teacher and through collaborative projects.

Serena is academically rigorous, with a very curious mind. She is quick to recognise gaps in her knowledge, and can be relied upon to research thoroughly until she is confident with the knowledge. She reads widely and diversely.


Serena has great warmth and enthusiasm in her dealings with people, she moves easily between groups, listens carefully and is reflective both in action and after the event. She is an empathic listener and is able to take time to reflect in conversation and to ask very astute questions.


Serena is very energetic and creative. She is open to explore new opportunities, willing to work in new contexts and situations always applying the same seriousness, diligence and good humour.'


Carina W. Artist and art teacher, Columbia Primary School, London




' I would rate Serena's academic performance in my class as superior.'


Adrian P. Painting Teacher and Artist, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, Milan















' She has an open generous spirit; her art skills are exceptional; she enjoys people and adventures and she will make an amazing teacher.' 


Andrea H. Lecturer-Adjunct Faculty Art Education, San Francisco State University 

















' Serena worked in collaboration with fellow student to produce an extremely interesting and valuable project with two very different groups of children. The collaboration was well organised and based on the core principles of critical pedagogy - dialogue and equality. The production values of the work were very high and reflected the belief and respect of the collaboration between her, her partner and the children.  Marko and I were also impressed by the documentation of the collaboration which is an excellent example of practice as research.'


John J. Lecturer in Art and Design Education and Head of the PGCE Art and Design at the Goldsmiths University of London.





' She is extremely receptive, well organized, a consistent planner. She devised very precise breakdown of artistic activities for each week that have considerably helped my daughter to trust her creative capacities.' 


Luciana P. Reader in Cultural Theory, Chair of the PhD programme at the Centre for Cultural Studies, Goldsmiths University of London.





' On a recent collaboration with secondary students who were reflecting on the institution of school, she quickly found a way to put students at ease, and encouraged very genuine thoughtful dialogues, she was skilled at helping students to develop their ideas and to consider the potential consequences of their suggestions.

Serena is punctual, honest and reliable, she will apply herself one hundred percent to any situation.'


Carina W. Artist and art teacher, Columbia Primary School, London






' I was very much interested in someone with excellent artistic and creative skills other than a love for children. She planned all the activities we proposed to children: theatre, art&crafts, games. Kids enjoyed them very much and wished the Camp could last all summertime. She proved to be a well organised and reliable person. She is punctual and hard worker. She always has a positive attitude and is very patient and caring with children.' 


Roberta T. English teacher, English is Fun LTD, Milan


Serena Nassini