Pictures by Serena Nassini Taken from tumblr, under creative common. 



Serena and Martin, May 2022, Chapel FM Arts centre, Leeds - Concert for "No answers" event


Serena, April 2022, Genius Loci house concert - Zoom concert and spoken words event


Serena and Martin, January 2021, Sheffield - private concert (for dancing)


Serena, December 2021, Holloway Neighbourhood Group Christmas Party - Zoom concert 


Serena and Benjamin,  December 2021, Shropshire Town Hall - Evening concert 


Klezjammers, December 2021, Christmas Craft Fair, London


Serena and Martin, October 2021, Sheffield - private concert (for dancing)


Serena and Martin, July 2021, Sheffield - private concert (for dancing)


Klezjammers, 7th Sept 2019, The Ship, 68 Borough Road, SE11DX, London


Shibboleth klezmer band,  6th August 2019, King's Head Theatre, Highbury and Islington, London - Fine and Dandy show


Shibboleth klezmer band, 13th July 2019London - private concert  


Zykh Zayn klezmer band, 11th January 2019 - the library,  235 Upper St, London N1 1RU - concert with Taqsim band


Zykh Zayn klezmer band, 16th November 2018 - Memorial community church 385 Barking rd E13 8AL, London - concert


Jenny's klezmer band, 16th July 2017 - Muxima cafe', 618 Roman Rd, London -  lunchtime concert


City Uni Balkan Ensemble,  17th March 2017 - Northampton Square, Clerkenwell, London - lunchtime concert


As a clarinettist I play Klezmer and Eastern European folk music everyday since November 2015. Overall I have been playing the clarinet for 15 years.


Most of the klezmer music I know is the result of a combination of daily practice with many 1:1 lessons (with Susi Evans), jam sessions, workshops and a several weekly-long summer klezmer courses in the Uk and in Germany. I took workshops from Alan Bern, Frank London, Christian Dawid, Merlin Shepherd, Fran and Flora, Michael Winograd, Daniel Gouly, Susi Evans and Emil Goldschmidt among others.


I am studying the recordings of contemporary masters such Michael Winograd, Christian Dawid, Merlin Shepherd and Susi Evans even if I occasionally learn from traditional recordings as well.  I have learnt balkan music from 3 musicians (Gundula Gruen, Susi Evans and Martin Weightman) but very consistently. Slowing original recordings down, singing and taking a few 1:1 lessons on very unfamiliar tunes or styles helped me to integrate the necessary stylistic features that create a beautiful, cathartic and as authentic as possible experience for me and for the audience.





















































In October and in July 2021 I performed balkan music with the accordionist Martin Weightman for the dance group “Horo” in Sheffield, UK.


In August 2019 I had the honour to play with two members of the Sheffield based klezmer band 'Shibboleth' (Martin Weightman and Karen Yarnell) for 'Fine and Dandy’ a theatre production at the King's Head Theatre, London.


In November 2018 I collaborated with the London based professional clarinettist and improviser Lucy Tasker creating a Relational Film, a video art installation combining an experimental improvised folk duet with projections of oil paintings and written text. 


In 2018 I joined Klezfest for the third time with the klezmer trio 'Zikh Zayn' (Serena Nassini, Karen Yarnell and Sam Leon) arranging and performing some traditional repertoire that was shared and improved during community events and open mics all over London.


In 2017 I performed at the the Muxima Cafe' in East London with my first female-only six piece klezmer band, 'Jenny's klezmer band' (Lucy Tasker, Jenny Hunting, Ruth Nicholson, Kate Emma, Serena Nassini, Karen Yarnell). I am currently studying mostly balkan/easter European tunes (Bulgarian, Macedonian, Israeli, greek and other kinds of dances) even if klezmer pieces ere my favourite ones.



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