I am a freelance Italian fine artist, fine art teacher and clarinetist based in England since 2013. I believe in making art and music with others, spreading counterculture in the most effective ways for sustainable futures, increasing local and global health.


On my website you will find resources to help you find artistic inspiration, new ideas, practices and methods that I have developed during 10 years of professional creation of artworks, art classes, art courses and research methods.


I make the world a better place by creating inspiring artworks about personal and global health, working on commissions, spreading emotional and thought provoking fine art prints, playing empowering folk music concerts on the clarinet and guiding others to grow by developing their artistic potential through workshops, courses, exposure to contemporary art and a network of professional contemporary independent artists.




To emancipate, empower, educate and heal people I am now offering:




My work has been displayed at numerous independent exhibitions, feminist events and art fairs organised by groups such as the Nasty Women collective, Adept Gaze collective and TedxUCLWomen among others.


I have exhibited in London, Cambridge, Milan, Rhodes and San Francisco and online and I have taught art lessons, workshops and courses in various settings like fine art shops, schools, community centres, homes, universities and online working with children, teenagers, adults and vulnerable adults for the past 10 years.


My current active and embodied research focuses on contemporary art and contemporary folk music. As a clarinettist I have performed in several formal and informal settings. In addition to my daily art and clarinet practice I take intensive courses, attending classes and deepening my artistic knowledge and skills as often as I can.


In 2015 I gained a Master degree in Arts (MA in Artist-Teacher and Contemporary Practices) from Goldsmiths, University of London. I also studied Fine Arts at the San Francisco State University and gained my B.A. degree in Painting and Visual Arts at Naba in Milan, Italy (2010-2013).



Serena Nassini