I am an Italian fine artist, fine art teacher and clarinettist based in London since 2013. I have exhibited in London, Cambridge, Milan and Rhodes and I have taught art lessons and workshops in various settings like fine art shops, schools, community centres, homes, universities and online working with children, teenagers adults and elderlies for the past 9 years.


When I am not exhibiting, making artworks, performing or teaching I study contemporary art and contemporary folk music. I take intensive courses, attending classes in several formal and informal settings, deepening my artistic knowledge and skills. In 2015 I gained a Master in Arts (MA in Artist-Teacher and Contemporary Practices) from Goldsmiths, University of London. I also studied Fine Arts at the San Francisco State University and gained my B.A. in Painting and Visual Arts at Naba in Milan, Italy (2011-2014). 



Find out more about my work on this website and follow the latest updates on social media.






Serena Nassini